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Accueil / Formation / Programme

program Durability of materials and structures (DMS)

Objectives – Train "engineer" level managers capable of mastering the processes for which they will be responsible by leading teams working in the field of structural integrity. Skills in materials science, corrosion and degradation and protection of materials are developed through theoretical and practical teaching during various practical work, industrial applied projects and internships

Master Sgm 1re année

Semestre 1

Transverse units (Master MSE 1st year)

  • English
  • Communication - automatisme

Scientific domain (Master MSE 1st year)

  • Numeric skills in material science
  • Metallurgy
  • Electrochemistry
  • Material deformation and rupture
  • Mechanical properties of polymers
  • Viscoelasticity

Semestre 2

Transverse units (Master MSE 1st year)

  • English
  • Bibliographic project

Scientific domain (Master MSE 1st year)

  • Corrosion and protection of materials
  • High temperature corrosion and protection
  • Composite and nanomaterials
  • Mechanical properties of composite
  • Design of composite structures
  • Ceramic and glass materials

Master Sgm 2e année

Semestre 3

Transverse units (Master MSE 2nd year)

  • English
  • Durability and environment, LCA & recycling

Scientific domain

  • Corrosion
  • Polymer ageing
  • Organic coatings & adhesion
  • NDT and fractophy
  • Mulitphysic approach in material engineering
  • Life cycle analyses and recycling

Semestre 4


  • quality
  • Intership 6 months